Philomene Longpre

Underlayers (2006) Philomène Longpré. Beverly Art Center, Bodies of Work, March, 2006, Chicago.


Short Description

This installation art presents a virtual character that occupies the space between and behind walls.
The character observes the viewer and performs, challenging us to confront the desire to return
the gaze and observe the character’s evolution. By this interaction, in which viewers are being watched,
UnderLayers elicits reflections on the significance of issues revolving around surveillance
and urban vigilance. This installation, composed of a series of LCD screens inserted within walls, gives voice
to the memory of the physical environment and captures the deep incertitude and urgent feelings
of the virtual character.

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LCD screens, infrared sensors, two walls.


LCD Screens (x2): 6 (w) x 4 (h) inches
Space mininum: (Variable)