Plato’s Cavern

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PLATO’S CAVERN,  installation art 

This installation art consists of a character
projected onto a large-scale drawing where
its movements are directly related to the evolving
layers of lines being drawn. An 3D effect builds
as the drawing undergoes gradual change in thickness and
density related to the newly constructed superimposed
layers of video. This video installation explores the
notion of time and space in continual change,
where one confronts the fear of one’s own disappearance. 

Year of creation: 2000
Technique: video projector, drawing.
Drawing: 8.98 (w) x 7.70 (h) feet
Space mininum: 20 (L) x 11 (w) x 10 (h) feet



  • Plato’s Cavern. Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery. Montreal, May 2001
  • Plato’s Cavern. VAV Gallery. Montreal, April, 2000