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CYCLE, Responsive Installation Art 

CYCLE is a installation art that involves
a large-scale gyroscope whose spinning action
triggers different video sequences representing seven
lives of a virtual character projected on a floor. The body’s
narration reveals itself as each visitor is physically engaged,
as their presence activates the movement of the gyroscope,
while their distance affects the revolutions per minute.
The faster the gyroscope spins, the faster the life of the
character passes through its various stages, until it
finally disappears. 

Year of creation: 2001
Technique: video projector, mini mac, Max-Msp/Jitter,
arduino processor, infrared sensors,
speakers, wooden box, robotic gyroscope.
Robotic gyroscope: 30 (w) x 30 (h) x 30 (h) inches
Space mininum: 15 (L) x 10 (w) x 11 (h) feet



    • Promo 4.0, Digital Art Festival. SAT, Société des arts et technologie, Montreal, Canada.
      April, 2001.