Iris (2007). Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong

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Short Description

This installation art presents the urban dynamism of Hong Kong via a sonic experience.
Visitors are invited to take a pause to capture the image of a sound by looking throught the hole of a black box. This project was realized throught a series of observations, as well as data accumulation at specific sites in Hong Kong. This project is a collaboration with the artists: Spencer Ng, Dez Leung, Meli Yeung, Nicholas Tse, Pansy Tang, Kn Brick, Poon Kan Chi, et Li Chu Yin Clifford.


Video projector, mini mac, Max-Msp/Jitter, arduino processor, infrared sensors,
speakers, wooden box, metal sculptures.


White circle on black background (screen)(x1), diameter: 2 feet
Dark space (variable)




  • « IRIS’s Longpre. « Journal Ming Pao, Hong Kong, April 12th 2007
  • « Octopus- Philomène Longpre ». Journal Oriental News, Hong Kong, April 28 2007